Thursday, August 30, 2012

Crossroad In The Way Of Understanding People

In life you come across many crossroads. They are of many categories. They will make you think and decide about the issues. But what if the crossrads are coming in the process of decission making itself.

I always tried to find answers, rather explanations to everything that is happening around me. It always irritates me not to have the explanations. Sometimes I even pay a very big price to have very little knowledge about something that is concerning me and consider as my gain even though in general notion it does not seem so.

So it is of no wonder that I will always try to get the explanations of any given situation or anything that is happening to me.

No matter how hard you try, you end up expecting in every sphere of life. As of now, without practice of meditation or something similar, you are bound to have lost control of your desires. So in our lifestyles, expectations are inevitable. But what are the consequences?

You expect something. That means there is atleast 50% of chance that you will not get that. atleast because, most of the case, expectations are supposed to be fulfilled by a person  who is NOT you.

What if you expect something, and then not given. Then a situation comes where you cannot have that soemthing and now the people, who are supposed to fulfil your expectation when there was a chance, starts saying how they want to fulfil them and cannot do now only because situation does not give them any chance. When just maybe two days ago situation was favourable and they just ignored it.

Again something like this also may happen that there might be a chance that situation might turn favourable again. First they be sure that the situation is not going to turn in favourable. Then they will say had it been that way, they could have done this and that.

All I want to say that I am now growing up. Although it is very late, but I am happy that I know tomorrow when I shall be going to bed, I will be more mature than today. I learnt many things about life in very hursh ways as I was late. So I am going to believe whatever I understand instead of what I am told. Because only your thinking process and views will remain with you till the end. Anyway, people believe whatever they want to believe. This also is my observation. So as a part of growing up, I shall also go by this rule.

But on the same note I know this also, that I will not stop believing in people. That is the last thing one should do. But what you will believe about them is choice that left to you by the Matrix.. :P
I will take the crossroads that suits me. I guess that is what everybody does.

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  1. Hey, how're you doing ?

    I think we should believe in people but do not depend upon. Analyze any situation or a moment in time from the perspective of different people, actually simulate it from the different point of views and come to a conclusion (... well ... semi-conclusion).

    Also i would like to add the person we think we are is not a single one person, it is actually a collection of them, which communicate in a very complex manner and keep changing, if you see carefully even we do not have the control of that aggregate person. And because of the complex interaction sometimes the analysis of the situation is kind of incorrect (with respect to the aggregate person). Therefore it requires some time to get that evaluated in a more appropriate manner.

    Therefore the "expectation" is good, but along with that keeping on pushing the limit higher without peeking above to see what's there and how much i have to go, is a better option. Excuses are unacceptable, because the moment you do it, the moment it is your own responsibility.

    Keep going on man.