Sunday, July 01, 2012

Human Nature: As I Found It

As I am trying to live my life rather than merely existing as mention in many great people's quotes, I keep coming across many astonishing revelations about human nature. Since our interactions and involvements are mostly with another human (well if not really, virtually), that is what continues to intrigue me.

I had a habbit of reading classic novels and short stories and also old English poems (mostly of romantic age). My father being a English literature student, I had relatively easier access to these classics. I read many words at one can say an unprepared age. Some of them, if I am lucky enough to find a correlation with something in real life striked me very hard. Some of them did not.

I somehow always restrained myself from learning about human nature through human interactions as most of the time I used to find this action inseparable from judging people by their actions. Well, until very recently. I realised that probably it is necessary for living comfortably, for not getting hurt agian and again.

So, now that I have decided to start learning from first hand human interactions, I started realising that almost all words in them have a significance. So, I may realise something new today, but when I think about it, it is very much normal to the world already.

One of the lessons that recently I learnt about human nature is that people will do whatever they feel important anyway and find and excuse to not do whatever they feel is not important. This is true everytime. No matter what your relation is with that person, be it your parents, best friend, teacher, that special someone or even your admirer. It does not matter what prejudice you have about them or what you expect them to do. And no matter how much important you think something is, if another human does not think it is, my experience says better expect him to do the opposite. Less disappointment for you.

But in the end, it's all good I think. Life, after all is just a ride. People with different point of view will keep coming and neither you can always avoid them, nor it's worth the effort. I think enjoying the ride is all that matters.

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