Saturday, January 19, 2013

Identify, Recognise, Remember and Value

  We all remember the candy that was refused by our moms. I used to be very angry and annoyed with these instants. I used to wonder why exactly she was refusing to let me have a candy. As a kid, I wondered if she was having candies behind me and not letting me have some of them.

  After I grew up a bit, I understood I only remembered the times she refused and not the times when she allowed me to have some candies. I understood that she was doing this for my own god. She was stopping me from having candies more than certain limit as having many of them might not be good. I also understood that she did bar me from many activities beyond a certain limit as it might have had the some bad effect on me.

  Then my age increased some more. I found that some people in my life is actually barring me from doing certain things. For those who don't personally know me, I am a bit slow in noticing and understanding everything. I thought they were being selfish and trying to not let me have fun in my life. And many times, not always, I went on doing those things they asked me not to do.

  Most often what happened is that I somehow either felt bad, got hurt, or had materialistic loss; not always of course. I thought about it. I understood that there are few people in my life who want the very best for me. As they are not me, they can observe and understand my life objectively which is very hard for me to do as my life is my own. Of course, they understood me only that much, till the point I allowed them.

  I believe all of us have that set of few people in their lives those who want the very best for them. We need to identify and remember them. We need to understand their words from a futuristic point of view keeping in mind they want only good for you. We need not always refuse the ideas which may cause not to have immediate material/emotional displeasure. We need to value these people's opinion. And in a world like this, which is mostly selfish, we need to value these people too.

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  1. "...they understood me only that much, till the point I allowed them" They/we make a representative model of a person inside their/our mind from the interaction with the external physical body and complex internal interactions within the representative models of different people (including the person himself) inside their mind (knowingly or unknowingly). Therefore immediately rejecting an idea or revolting to an event won't be wise, although often done in an attempt to represent the models in very low dimension.

    I agree with your view.