Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I have a friend who once told me that all the friends he has, they don't think that he has the best personality in the whole world. Rather they appreciate his ways to see life and perhaps also the differences with theirs. There maybe something more to it, but nothing less. I also seemed to understand it, but not quite realised its depth.

I think people become your friend because they just like to be around you. Now there is one issue, one should not confuse friends with walk-mate, class-mate or liquor-mate etc. So friends appreciate that you may be different from them and yet can remain friends. If somebody become your friend just because they like one or two qualities of yours, well it might continue to seem as friendship even for a lifetime and it might not matter anyway, I think its a disgrace in the name of it. Though I sometimes felt friendship is an overrated concept, I think its all because of those xyz-mates. I guess its very tough to find a friend because everybody is busy with their lives and most of them don't give a crap about yours unless it has something to do with theirs. We may not be able to find it. This is just as probable as doing a job which has nothing to do with one's best skills throughout their lives. It may happen. Life is not fair.

I think a friend should be like that feeling which tells you that finish this work and then you can go to him. He won't seem distant. You don't have to ask, he will tell you what was happening with him when you were not around; and you are listening to him because you want to and also not because after he finishes you get to talk. And he too is more than willing to know about you. And most importantly it won't seem like a formality. It will happen naturally.Well as far I understand, this is an abstract concept and these are my visualisation. And I don't think there is any right or wrong in this. You go on in your own way. If you are lucky enough, you don't get to suffer for all your wrong doings or unfortunate enough you have to. Everything is coincidence. We cannot ascribe earthly events related to our lives to more important phenomena. Life, rather time just go on.

A simple quote from long ago,
उत्सवे ब्यासने चैब दुर्भिक्षे राष्ट्रबिप्लाबे।
राजद्वारे श्मशाने च यस्तिष्ठति स वान्धब।।