Saturday, April 16, 2011

John 8:32 "...and the truth will set you free."

Sometimes you make me feel like I was damn wrong
So wrong that I don't even qualify to be with you
Sometimes you make me find, to my utter dismay that I was right
How do I know which one is in the realm of reality
I don't know, surrounded so much by the virtual reality
Where people have headaches when to send a real letter
Everything is parted from the other and made to stay at their domain
I don't know whether it is prohibited
To just want the truth
Unpolished, without any doping of impurity
I want the truth
Just the truth and nothing else, trust me
without the package of make-belief

As I heard that the Bible says that the truth shall set you free. Like all the other sayings, it came to my skull as some vestigial words, until when I actually realised at least to a little extent that what it actually means to be free. As Tolkin once said "all that is gold does not glitter." Though in life we always wanted the shiny stuffs sometimes it is required to come in touch of purity in its true essence. To purify our systems flooded by pretentious thoughts and inputs (both from within and outside) every single day and moment.

What i want to say is more or less like this-

It is easier to perceive error than to find truth, for the former lies on the surface and is easily seen, while the latter lies in the depth, where few are willing to search for it.
-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, German poet, novelist and dramatist

Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so you apologize for truth.
-Benjamin Disraeli, British politician and author